International Driving Jobs News: April 2015

Irish Driving Jobs News – from entrepreneurial taxi drivers to a campaign for more female bus drivers

Every week I receive emails from people all over the country. Many are business owners who feel their experiences would make for a good story. Others come from family members of business owners who are proud of what their inspiring husband, wife, son or daughter has achieved and would like to see their story shared with others.
Dublin Bus has launched a campaign to recruit more female drivers – and has even tried to identify unemployed women who could fit the bill.

India: Driving Jobs News – Overseas Job and Driving License scam

The Mumbai Police Crime Branch, investigating the alleged overseas jobs racket busted last week, have seized several pieces of evidence indicating that arrested accused Saeed Khan (57), believed to be the mastermind of the racket, was also running a separate scam involving driving licences and vehicle Registration Certificate (RC) books.